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Looking good is only the surface of what makes for a good website. In this competitive market, it is important that your website be easy to use for your clients and adaptable for your own needs as well. Xondie offers web design and development that is more than skin deep. Take a moment to browse through these featured sites from our diverse set of clients. Each site is custom designed to fit the client's unique branding and business needs. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.


foodscout screenshotThe creators of Foodscout were frustrated by the lack of easy-to-find information about the links between natural foods and the nutrients and health benefits that they provide. They had a lot of data but no way to organize it or successfully share it with others seeking information on health and nutrition.

Xondie created a custom content management system, specifically designed to cross-reference this nutritional information. An integrated blog and newsletter allow Foodscout users to stay informed of all the latest dietary health news. The soothing, natural design complements the hopeful message of the site: "Find health naturally." Visit Foodscout

Enlightenment Network

Enlightenment Network ScreenshotDr. Jude Johnson had an idea to bring the Internet's best collection of consciousness-raising videos together into one centralized website. He also needed the ability to present his own professionally-produced videos to his website visitors.

After a 3-year effort to create such a web repository, Dr. Johnson found Xondie, who was able to create for him, in under 2 months, his own YouTube-like website for enlightened videos. With this Drupal-based website, he can now easily upload, edit, and categorize his own videos as well as collect videos from YouTube and Google. His users can comment on and rate videos so that others can find the best videos available. Visit Enlightenment Network

Colin Armstrong Music

Colin Armstrong Music ScreenshotAs a musician, Colin Armstrong doesn't just need a website, he needs an exciting multi-media experience to showcase his talents and express who he is as an artist. Xondie created a site where music-lovers can listen to Colin's music, buy tracks or albums, find out where he is playing, and keep up with the latest news.

Whether at home in L.A. or on tour around the country, Colin can keep his fans updated by logging into his online WordPress content management system where he can add a show to his calendar or post new video, music, or content on his website. Visit Colin Armstrong Music

Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants

Friends of WPZ Elephantss ScreenshotFriends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants had a fairly effective website already, full of fresh news stories and content. Their problem was that only one member of their organization had the technical knowledge to update the site and it was a cumbersome process even for her. When this webmaster moved away from the area, FOWPZE needed to find a better solution.

Xondie incorporated all of their old content into a new blog-style website and created a video gallery to which they can add a video with the simple click of a button. The new content management system Xondie provided them with is so easy to use that anyone in the organization can make updates as needed. The colorful new design draws people in and offers a more positive, hopeful look for this non-profit organization. Visit Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants

GOP Web Connect

GOP Web Connect screenshotGOP Web Connect is actually 4 websites in one: the main sales infrasctructure website as well as 3 distinct example websites for customers to try out. These sites incorporate modern web features such as ecommerce, video galleries, photo galleries, blogging, digital video tutorials, social networking, online polls, and our most advanced content management system, all built on Drupal.

GOP Web Connect offers organizations an inexpensive way of getting online quickly with a state-of-the-art website. The ecommerce system allows customers to pay an initial low-cost setup fee and then low recurring monthly payments that charge automatically. Customers need only to focus on their message, because everything else is taken care of for them. Be sure to visit the tutorials page to see just how easy we've made it to use. Visit GOP Web Connect

Vegan Girl

Vegan Girl screenshotVegan Girl is a website that has been around since 2000; long before blogs and content management systems. For years it was a static site which was well-maintained only for the first year or two. Without a content management system, motivation to keep it updated dwindled.

Now, using a WordPress blog-style content management system, new pictures, text, video, and other content can be added to the site in just a few minutes. Vegan Girl now easily keeps her friends and family updated on her latest ideas and interests. The new custom graphic design complements her personality without overwhelming the content. Visit Vegan Girl

John Carroll 2008

John Carroll 2008 ScreenshotThe use of internet technology for political campaigns reached new heights during this year's presidential campaigning. When John Carroll, a local businessman, decided to run for public office, he knew he needed to reach out to the growing number of voters who get most of their information online. With 4 County Commission seats open, and 8 candidates campaigning for those positions, it was imperative that John stand out from the crowd.

Using a WordPress content management system, his campaign website incorporates an event calendar, latest news blog, and online videos to keep his campaign connected with the voters. The simple, clean design allows visitors to easily find out about John's key issues and background and how they can participate in his campaign. Website no longer active due to the election ending